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Request for Facility Use

This form is a request (request only) for use a facility space reservation at the Jardine Apartments and Kramer Conference Center. All reservations paperwork must be completed, signed and submitted along with proper payment(s).

NOTE! All requests must be submitted 2 weeks before the date of the requested event to be considered for approval.

Spaces Requested

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Tower Building at Jardine

Kramer Conference Center Spaces

PARC at Jardine

Frith Community Center at Jardine

Additional Locations at Jardine

Special Equipment Requested:

Kitchen Access ( Jardine Frith only)

Nature of Reservation:

I understand that all requests are not approved unless confirmed by a representative of the Meeting & Events Office.

If request is granted, I understand that I will be responsible for my group's activities and conduct during the function and may be required for repair and/or replacement of damaged areas or items. I understand that prompt payments of expences incurred is my responsibility. Use fees are payable in advance. Abuse of the attached usage guidelines may result in restricted or withdrawn previliges.